Barbara Youree, author of Race to Glory and one of the authors of Courageous Journey, is available to speak at Writers’ conferences, civic groups, schools, churches, libraries, and other venues.




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  1. Hi, Barbara. I’m Philip Martin, from Crickhollow Books, publishers of Mary-Lane Kamberg’s I Love To Write Book. Just a note: the links to your titles on Amazon on the Books by Youree page don’t seem to work. You’ll want to re-do a valid link, ideally directly to the book’s title page. (If questions, email me!).

  2. Thank you Barbara for writing the most wonderful historical fiction about the Italian Renaissance. I recently finished reading Renaissance Brides. Your attention to detail about that period was great. One of the many history classes I took in college was on the Renaissance, so I have a deep appreciation for your stories. I love reading historical fiction of all types because read a lot of history books, which gives a more rounded understanding of the background in the stories. Keep writing great stories.

  3. been arrested before and was detained today at the same time Kuwaiti annvigo-ertment activists were arrested for their criticism of authorities. AlZhairy and alBattah were arrested earlier last week and were

  4. Looking forward to incoming from your site😊

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