May I Say?

Hello! Thanks for coming to my site. This is the space I plan to use from time to time to talk about what’s on my mind. Most of it has to do with what I’m writing about on my computer, so that explains the picture.

Coming Soon!

Heart at War, my latest romance, is set in nineteenth-century Greece during that country’s chaotic War for Independence from the Ottoman Turks. This is my second novel that takes place in Greece. If you enjoyed Race to Glory, I think you’ll find this one exciting too. My characters visit some of the same spots in this fascinating country—only 1800 years or so later. To learn more, please check out my page, Latest Project.

Please send your comments and questions.  I especially will be interested in hearing from those who have read any of my  books and wish to make comments. But if you have something unrelated you would like to share or have questions about writing, that would be good too.

2 thoughts on “May I Say?”

  1. Ms. Youree,

    I have chosen your book Courageous Journey as my college class assignment of a heros journey.

    When I got this project from my college Prof. Morgan I knew that I wanted to find some cause that that is negleted and unheard of and that was nonfiction. Many have chosen the Jacyee Duguard Book but I remember hearing about these male children and their journey and have always wondered “where are they now”.

    In our class we have been asked to write something interesting about the authurs of our books and I am having a hard time to find any interesting information on you or the gentelemen other than what is your bio.

    could you please send me an email.

    thank you for your assistance in my project.

    Patricia Heffner

  2. Hi Barbara, I just finished Courageous Journey and must say thanks to you, Ayuel and Beny. The book is well written and the story is compelling beyond description. We hear of genocide from a distance and it is sad but we really are led to some understanding of the suffering, endurance and courage of the young people of Sudan who have survived through your book. Thanks you bringing this important story to the world of literature in a manner that honors both the living and the deceased. As a writer who also cares about the many challenges faced by people in Africa, I will be sharing your story with others at every opportunity.

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