Newest Project

Heart at War, the project I am presently working on, is set in nineteenth-century Greece during that country’s chaotic War for Independence from the Ottoman Turks.

Zoe Mikos struggles with her own internal battle: she’s in love with two soldiers—who are brothers. She’s betrothed to the older, handsome and brilliant Philip, but while tending the wounded Iscos, she recalls their pleasant times together as children and realizes they are truly twin souls. After she decides on the younger Iscos, he dies of his war injuries. Plunged into deep melancholy, she breaks her engagement to Philip and rejects her faith. Zoe eventually recovers from her depression by working in an orphanage and returning to her Christian faith. With her love for Philip rekindled, she returns home, ready to become Philip’s wife. Will he be equally eager to renew their relationship? Or will he have found another?

naplio.jpgNafplio, Greece, from the Palamidi Fortress.

Most of the action in Heart at War takes place here in the town that briefly became the capital of Greece after the War for Independence.

(Click to enlarge)

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