Barbara Youree and Mimi

Barbara Youree is a freelance writer who began writing following a teaching career in Louisiana and Kansas. Her narrative nonfiction book Courageous Journey, Walking the Lost Boys Path from the Sudan to America (New Horizon Press, 2008) is the story of two refugees from the civil war in Sudan whom she met and mentored in Kansas City during their first year in the United States. Endorsed by former President Jimmy Carter, it became a finalist in The National Best Books 2008 Awards in the category Current Events: Political/Social. The sociology department at Avila University in Kansas City selected it for required reading in their classes.

Youree has written a series of historical romances set in Italy for Heartsong Presents/Barbour Publishing. Four have been combined under one cover: Renaissance Brides. Her romances have sold over 130,000 copies. Thorndike press has recently republished them in hardback, large print.

 Her six children’s books, with Beacon Hill Press, are both fiction and nonfiction about children of missionaries who make friends with children in foreign cultures. Her many magazine articles have appeared in such diverse publications as Fate, True Reports of the Strange & Unknown; Miracles Magazine; Mature Living; and Spider, the Magazine for Children. For eight years she served as Contributing Editor of the internationally distributed Potpourri, A Magazine of the Literary Arts.

Among activities that Youree enjoys, traveling tops the list. She has visited most of the countries where her stories are set: Italy, France, Haiti, Guatemala, and the Netherlands. Her two trips to Greece provided background for Race to Glory: Olympics from the First Century, where she spent time in all the major areas of the novel. Soon to be released is Heart at War, a historical romance set during Greece’s mid-nineteenth century War for Independence.

3 thoughts on “AUTHOR BIO”

  1. Hi Barb, I missed seeing you yesterday at the Colonial Singles Reunion. It was good to see Jerry Harmsen and his daughter Susan. There were alot of people that you would have known, however, I only knew a few because there was another group or two that weren’t there. I never knew that you were a writer…now I get to buy and read your books! Ha! After all, I majored in ” English Literature ” in college! I’d love to hear from you sometime if you care to write.
    Ron Standart

    1. Hi Ron,

      Good to hear from you! I’m a bit late in my response. Just don’t check my site often. You probably know that Jerry H passed away a couple of weeks ago. We had been in contact since he moved back. Stay in Touch.

      And read my books.

      Barbara y

    2. As a female and a significant contributor to this list, I appreciate the humor in those few joke selections. By no means is it half of the list. And even if it was, so what? The joke entries take nothing away from the abundance of hottness. It’s just funny. Also, in case you di2;&#8d17nt notice, there are 10 hottest females on the earlier list and about 30 hottest males on this one. Numbers are on the side of us ladies. Nothing sexist here.

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