Barbara Youree

Like the Roman Emperor Hadrian, I admit “I love all things Greek.” Following two fabulous trips to this exciting country, I have written two novels. Race to Glory: Olympics from the First Century and Heart at War. The first appeared as an ebook on Kindle, Nook, Smashwords, etc. on March 1, 2012, published by Red Willow Press.

The print version, with ΦPhiPublishing, came out in February 2012 and is available on Amazon. Much of this blog will be devoted to Fun Facts about the Olympics (and other things Greek), referred to in Race to Glory.

Heart at War should be out soon. The War for Independence from the Ottoman Turks in mid-nineteenth century Greece is the setting for this romance between Zoe and—well, she can’t decide, for her heart is at war, trying to determine which of two brothers she really loves. Will it be Iscos, her childhood playmate who is wounded in war, or Philip, older and a distinguished leader in the War?

And just because it’s my blog, I have a page called May I say? with comments of all sorts. But I won’t be selfish, I would love for my readers to send me comments and questions (but nothing rude or inappropriate).


Sometime I’ll do a post on the the interesting Emperor Hadrian.

3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Barbara, been chasing around the Internet to tell you I loved seeing the photo of you in yesterday’s paper, and reading about your work. As a former employee at Philbrook Art Center in Tulsa, and with a college minor in Art History, I can sure identify with what you are doing. Hope, when we visit CRYSTAL BRIDGES, it will be one of your days there!

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